Red Eared Slider

Red Eared Slider

A Unique Pet with High Demands

When I was a child I received a very special gift. My mother brought home a bouquet of Tulips she had gotten at work. Tucked inside one of the flowers was the tiniest little turtle I had ever seen. I loved nature and immediately started researching all about what he was and how to care for him. I named him Killer and decided he should live in the small pond in our back yard. Killer was a red eared slider, which are a common species of turtle to be kept as pets.

My turtle lived in that pond for a very long time, but eventually moved on. If you want to own a red eared slider indoors please keep in mind they require a lot of care. Never remove a healthy turtle from the wild; it is best to let them be. If you purchase one from a breeder or pet store you will need a few necessary items to care for it.

  • Aquarium or tank: You will need a 40 gallon or larger tank that has a screen top
  • UVA, UVB, and heat lamps: Your turtle will need all three types to imitate their natural environment and ensure their health
  • Water filter: This will keep your turtle‚Äôs water fresh
  • Basking area: You can use a man-made basking area or create one yourself
  • Water heater: Your turtle will not survive in cool water

These are the basic elements for the simplest turtle enclosure. They can cost upwards of $150 dollars. You will also need to provide a variety of food such as, pellets, fresh plants, and insects for your turtle to maintain proper nutrition.

A turtle makes a great pet for those who would enjoy watching it grow and develop. Red Eared Sliders are not good pets for people who want a pet to cuddle and interact with. Visit your local aquatic store to learn more about what goes into the care of a RES and whether it is a good option for your house.