How We Can Help

How We Can Help

Little things to help out turtles

The number of turtles living in the wild is quickly dwindling. Hunting, habitat destruction, and pollution all contribute to the loss. Most people feel that there is nothing that they can do to help. That is not the case, even if you cannot donate time or money, you can still help turtles regain their numbers. The following list will provide you with ideas that will help save the turtles of the World.
  1. What to do if you find a turtle

If you find a turtle in the wild, never take it home as a pet. If it appears healthy and is in a safe place simply leave it alone. If the turtle is in a dangerous area, such as a road, you can safely move it to another place. Lastly, if you find a turtle that appears sick or has injuries it is best to contact your local conservationist or zoo. They will have the resources to properly handle the turtle’s care.


  1. Keep the Habitat Clean

The best way to keep the turtle’s habitat clean is to avoid littering. Never throw trash out of your car window or onto the street. Before throwing out your trash, take the time to separate out any recyclables. By recycling you will not be contributing to the growth of landfills. Any trash that can be broken down should be. Cut plastic rings so that they cannot get trapped around the neck of turtles.


  1. Educate Others

Take the time to educate your friends about how they can help turtles. If you see a pet shop with a species of turtle that is not supposed to be sold as pets inform the local conservationist. Also, if your friend finds a turtle and decided to keep it as a pet inform them that they should release the turtle back into the wild so that it can live free.