Illegal turtles in Oregon

If you are in the state of Oregon and you're in the market for a pet turtle it would do you well to do some research on the matter. Last week, authorities confiscated over 700 prohibited turtles from a residence in Hermiston, Oregon.  Red-eared slider turtles are illegal in the state, but that didn't stop them from being sold in the black market.  The turtles are not native to Oregon and there is a risk that they could take over the habitats of other turtles if they are released in the wild.  Many pet turtle owners don't realize the commitment it takes to own one of these animals, so when they no longer care to own them some owners think it's fine to just release them.  We suggest this website for people in Oregon who have questions about whether or not their turtle is legal. If you are in the market for a pet turtle, we suggest you buy one from a reputable pet shop to avoid any problems with the law.  And also, a reputable turtle seller will have the right information for how to take care of your pet.  Remember, turtles can live to over twenty years of age in many cases, so think twice before purchasing one.
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